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3-in-1 Emergency Escape Keychain Tool


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The ultimate tool for safety-conscious individuals!

The 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Keychain Tool is a “small but terrible” safety solution and rescue tool. Its functionality and efficiency are not dependent on its size. As it was developed by a team of professional EMTs, firefighters, law enforcement agencies, and other rescue groups, it is equipped with features guaranteed to make anyone feel safe.

  • It is a multifunctional keychain that can act as a seatbelt cutter, a whistle, and a window hammer.
  • It is small in size but big in performance because it delivers.
  • It is made of high-quality materials, specifically metal and ABS.
  • It was developed by rescue professionals.
  • It is convenient to carry around because it is lightweight and looks like a regular keychain.

Why People Choose Our Product

A simple-looking keychain equipped with multiple features and function is the perfect tool for individuals who are safety conscious, especially drivers. The 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Keychain Tool is what you need to escape from danger.

It’s always better to be prepared!

How the 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Keychain Tool Keeps You Away From Harm

  • When you’re about to be attacked inside your car, get your car kit and break the window closest to you.
  • Remove the keychain’s cap.
  • Press the trigger of the firing pin on or against the car window and continue to do so until it clicks.
  • You can also use the keychain hammer to break the car window.