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Pencil Type Car Tire Air Pressure Gauge

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Keep your tire pressure normal and check your tire pressure from time to time, which is very important for road safety.

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A quick and accurate method of checking tire pressure, this Pencil Type Car Tire Air Pressure Gauge provides a quick and simple way of checking tire pressure. This method improves fuel consumption and avoids premature wear in the long term. It also helps save gas and extends the longevity of your tires.

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  • CAR SAFETY AND MAINTENANCE. Ideal automotive and road trip accessory tool to maintain optimal tire care and prevention
  • UNIVERSAL APPLICATION. Not only are these gauges easy to use, but it also includes an integrated deflator valve, chuck, and ABS indicator bar.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN. Stows easily in a glove box, tool belt, workbench, or even a pocket; the pocket clip makes it easy to carry with you while on the job.
  • PRACTICAL. Applicable for passenger car applications, handy in cold temperature weather conditions
  • DURABLE. Gauges are made of durable plated brass with a 4-side nylon indicator bar.


  • Material: Metal, brass, and nylon
  • Size: 14 x 2 x 8cm
  • Color: Silver
  • Pressure Range: 5-50 PSI in 1-pound increments and 40-350 kiloPascal in 10 kPa increments


  • 1 x Pencil Type Car Tire Air Pressure Gauge