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2019 All-New Smart Music And Password Banknote Car Piggy Bank


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Do you want to teach your child the value of saving money?

The 2019 All-New Smart Music Password Banknote Car Piggy Bank lets them store coins and cash roll money. Kids will surely have fun with its flashing lights and music.

Start them young, start them right!


  • ATM MODE - AUTOMATIC EAT CASH. Put the paper money on the scroll. It can be rolled into the machine automatically, but it does not work if the paper is too old or too soft. You can also put the coin into the bank through the gap at the top of the piggy bank.
  • UNIQUE ARMORED CAR DESIGN. It looks like the real one. The car piggy bank has a large capacity of up to 470 coins. It is also powered by three AA batteries (not included).
  • PASSWORD CHANGE. With the door open, press and hold the star (*) key. Enter the new 4-digit password, and then press and hold the pound (#) key to confirm.  Reset the password by taking out the battery. The default password is 0000.
  • DUAL LANGUAGE SUPPORTED. Language is available in English and Chinese. With the door open, press and hold the star (*) key to toggle between the Chinese/English modes.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTION CONVERSION. Press the star (*) key to trigger the conversion function: (1) song world; (2) story school; (3) animal park; (4) instrument Daquan; (5) English enlightenment. Press the number keys to select the next one.


  • Type: Cash carrier toy car piggy bank
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Size: 28.5 cm x 13 cm x 13 cm
  • Battery: 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Function: Tell stories, music, light, fingerprint touches, automatic cash scroll, password opening, voice switch


  • 1 x Music And Password Banknote Car Piggy Bank