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Automatic Sprouter Machine


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Bring the excitement of indoor organic gardening into your home all year round. 

The Automatic Sprouter is an easy and economical way to provide your family with fresh, living sprouts and nutritious baby vegetables grown in your own kitchen garden.


  • Indoor Growing
    Letting you grow organic veggies in your limited space and simply take the work out of the process.
  • Healthcare at Home
    Enjoy new recipe ideas and taste sensations. Get unparalleled freshness and nutrition with your very veggies grown at home without any insecticides or harmful chemicals.

  • Automatic Watering
    Water your plants automatically for you and keep them at the proper moisture for optimal growth.
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
    Three control buttons allow you to grow and sprout all seasons with the best settings.
  • Money Saver
    Save on your grocery bill and make your salads come alive with delicious, organic sprouts.


  • Size: 285MM X 285MM X 270MM
  • Package Size: 580MM X 580MM X 580MM
  • Weight: 2.8KG


  • 1 x Automatic Sprouter Machine (With 2 Seedling Trays)

*Extra Seedling Tray available for purchase.

Customer Reviews
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    Trisha L.
    A great way to grow sprouts

    Makes sprouting easy. I've only tried alfalfa so far; but one tray yields enough for me to use before it goes bad. Takes about 6 days per crop and I stagger them so that I always have fresh sprouts. Customer service is great. I lost the instruction and emailed the company to send another copy. Better than that they emailed me a PDF of the instructions, which I put on my iPad. (Note: the covers go on with the wide end down.) Plus, there are tons of video on UTube about using it.

    Dawn R.
    bought this sprouter several years ago and have had great success with growing all kinds of sprouts in it

    I bought this sprouter several years ago and have had great success with growing all kinds of sprouts in it. I like it better than the "drip down" type of sprouters because with those, the drain holes tend to get plugged and that was a consistent problem. There is NO problem with drain holes being plugged with this Handy Pantry sprout garden. In fact, I am planning to buy another set to stack higher. They are made in the USA with BPA-free plastic. They are lightweight but plenty strong enough for the job. They are the best!

    Lily V.
    Best sprouter out there

    this is my second one and it works fantastic for everything from broccoli to mung beans. make sure to drain the water out in the trays well for best results. i also have a victorio sprouter and i like the handy pantry sprouter much better. this is so easy and such a great sprouter design, it lets you easily grow the most nutrient dense foods on the planet in just a few days. also these trays can last many years and grow hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of sprouts in its lifetime. i recently stepped on a tray accidentally and the tray ventilation part broke a little bit but it still holds ups great and currently has mung beans sprouting in it, so they are durable, high quality sprouters, the people that arent getting good results are probably using bad seed(you must use sprouting grade organic seeds for sprouters like from or some other problem like sprouting in a room thats too hot because i always have really great results from this sprouter, these sprouts are much better than any you could get at a store.

    Deanna L.
    and this is by far the best sprouting tray system ever

    I've been sprouting for over 30 years and have tried them all (well, except for those automatic ones), and this is by far the best sprouting tray system ever! Legume sprouts are generally easy but alfalfa and other small-seeded sprouts are very prone to getting slimy when using jars and other sprouters, but for some reason they just don't get slimy in this one! For years I had wondered how to get the gorgeous sprouts I'd see in the health food stores - now I have them growing myself! I don't know if it's the type of plastic used, or the design, whatever, but it works! I am VERY HAPPY with this sprouter! I purchased several sets and am now using them for all my sprouts, plus giving as gifts.

    Rika T.
    Love it!

    I just had my first crop, and I love this setup! Very easy to rinse, stacks into a small space, sprouts are delicious (fresh, and not at all waterlogged).

    Andrea U.
    Excellent! Watch youtube video on how to use this product!

    I've been sprouting for 21 yrs! Lots of setups! At first I didnt like this setup, but after watching youtube video on using correctly for soaking etc it is my favourite for delicate sprouts. You must tilt the tray slightly and shake gently downward motion to get all the water to drain out completely. Soggy sprouts = terrible sprouts! Rinse thoroughly and drain THOROUGHLY. Happy sprouting! I own 4 sets of this setup now.