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Cordless Electric Sweeper

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Battery-powered lightweight floor sweeper that gets everywhere!

Cordless Electric Sweeper will change the way you clean up small messes, quickly and easily around your home.

This amazingly light battery-powered sweeping marvel has a fully-swiveling 360-degree head and a clever ‘elbow’ joint that allows the handle to fold, letting you get right where you need to, even under low furniture, without bending and damaging your back.

Added to that versatility is an impressive collection of brushes, including 4-quad corner brushes that reach beyond the frame of Swivel Sweeper to grab those tricky bits of dirt and debris on all four sides, that ordinary sweepers leave behind. Each corner brush also has a ‘super slider’ built-in, so it glides across hard floors and surfaces with ease.

BEST OF ALL- Cordless Electric Sweeper has a rechargeable battery that gives you 45 minutes of uninterrupted sweeping, so you don’t have to rely on manual ‘push-pull’ sweepers that just throw dirt back on the floor. When you’re finished, Cordless Electric Sweeper folds and stores out of the way on a convenient magnetic latch.


  • 7.2V rechargeable battery gives 45min of continuous cleaning
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Touchless dirt tray opener
  • 4-quad brush technology with super sliders
  • The back-saving elbow joint to reach under furniture
  • Space-saving magnetic storage latch
  • Lightweight- only 2lbs


When it comes to picking up those everyday messes, you don’t really want to be getting out your big vacuum cleaner, with all the hoses and bags and plugs. But hand-held, cordless vacuum cleaners can often be underpowered, and manual sweepers require a lot of effort for very little picking-up power. Cordless Electric Sweeper is the best of both worlds!

The rechargeable battery gives you the power of an electric vacuum cleaner for up to 45 minutes- enough to do your whole house if you wanted to, but without the cables restricting your reach, and it’s light and convenient enough to grab whenever you have the smallest mess to deal with.


The mess that lurks beneath armchairs, sofas, beds, and tables can often go untouched for ages because it’s so hard to get to. Crumbs, fluff, dust, and animal hair build-up, unseen, and can encourage dust mites and even mice. The special elbow joint in Cordless Electric Sweeper lets you lower the head and the bottom half of the handle to almost floor level, making it low enough to get right into those hard-to-reach areas, without you having to bend or get on your knees, so your poor back won’t be a worry next time you clean.


Cordless Electric Sweeper is all about convenience and ease of use, and there’s nothing less convenient when it comes to vacuuming and sweeping than emptying the dirt into a bin. With Cordless Electric Sweeper that’s all done using two little tabs, mounted on top of the head on either side of the handle joint. Just press them and the tray opens and empties the dirt and dust into your bin without your clean hands ever having to go near it!


  • Batteries: Rechargeable
  • Dimensions Unit:29.5x14.5x12cm
  • Power: Device:15W, Charger: 6W