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Corner Clamp Kit

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This Amazing Tool Is The Help You Need For Your Next Woodworking Project!

The Corner Clamp Kit provides a welcome hand while on the job by firmly holding your boards together while you're screwing, gluing, or drilling! Save your time & energy and increase your productivity during your next project. The Corner Clamp Kit holds your boards in perfect alignment for accurate corners - every time!


    The Corner Clamp Kit eliminates frustration and provides a quick and easy solution for shifting boards. Effortlessly fix, align & hold your workpieces together with precision and perfect alignment. Ideal for drawers, box construction, frames, cabinets & more!
    Save time, energy, and focus by quickly and easily clamping your boards together. Experience fast and accurate corner clamping for both 90° corners and T joints! The Corner Clamp Kit gives you an extra set of hands that securely hold your pieces for you.
    The Corner Clamps are strong, spring-loaded, and provide a firm & reliable hold. The tough & durable build of these Corner Clamps allow them to withstand use on any job site or project.


  • Material: ABS, PE


  • 1 set of Corner Clamp Kit
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    Lori H.
    Nice corner clamp

    This is my first corner clamp so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it feels very solid and does a good job of clamping. I was surprised that the clamping end has quite a bit of play, but once you put the wood in and tighten, it feels very solid. I used this to build a rectangular frame for a soil sifter I made with wood and hardware cloth and it was a great help in getting nice square corners.

    Jane Z.
    Products worth buying

    This function is very complete,the quality is very good,the workmanship is very careful,it is the tool I want.The real thing is better than I expected,and it feels heaver than ordinary products in my hand,which is very smooth.With this right-angle clip,the clip is very tight.It is a product worth trying.

    Rudy C.
    Really easy to use and helpful for corners

    I got these clamps because I build a lot of small boxes for the house and garden. Having these clamps have made it so much easier to keep the corners together for me to put in the screws. I was using regular clamps and hands previously, so some boxes didn't turn out as well if the screws didn't go in smoothly. The springs in the clamps seem pretty strong and should be able to hold larger pieces of wood. I haven't tried that yet, but I'd think you need a really flat and even surface for that. Overall, these clamps work perfectly for my needs.

    Linda B.
    Angle Clamp It

    Set of 4 Right angle clamps. They are completely multifunctional great for ******** or glueing boards or for small projects just to give you some hold. T joint adjustable jaws a non slip strong rubber handle, that can be worked with one hand freeing up your other hand for working. Spring loaded swing clip fixer welding clamp strong spring that fits board thickness 3/16-3/4. Great for picture frames work working pieces birdhouses furniture repair. Great strength without damaging the item. Handy to have in your tool box.

    Will U.
    Small but powerful

    I'm impressed at how strong these corner clamps are. It holds 2 pieces together tightly for drilling or glueing. It can work for both 90 degree corner and tee joints, which makes it amazing. Since it's a 4 piece set, I was able to use it to multiple joints at the same time for faster drilling. The middle triangle is moveable for use on uneven wood pieces. Lastly, I love how these are spring clamps which make securing the pieces together, making adjustments or removing them so much easier.

    Eric K.
    A thing I never knew I needed so much!!!

    I am so happy I ordered these! I love to make frames for projects all the time. While I don't mind a little hand made look sometimes (and by that I mean poorly lined up) at the corners, these are going to make things so much easier!!! Can't wait to woodwork all year long!!!