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Flexible Draining Tool

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Eliminate Messy Solutions To Draining Liquids!

Is your draining tool holding up to your expectations? Does it bend easily to fit into tight spaces? Does it hold its shape and is wide enough to catch every drip? If the answer is "NO", then you need our Flexible Draining Tool!

Flexible Draining Tool is the perfect tool to guide oil, fluids right to the pan for guaranteed no-mess oil and fluid changes. It can be easily shaped to channel hard-to-drain liquids straight into the drain, keeping oil and other fluids off of your hands and the floor! 


  • Perfect Funnel System for The Easiest Transmission- The Flexible Draining Tool is great for draining oil, gasoline, and other fluids from automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, industrial equipment, lawn equipment, and forklifts.
  • Reshape and Reuse Thousands of Times- Shape, form, create the perfect custom funnel. Reuse thousands of times. Edges can be molded around filters or drain to create a leak-proof seal, keeps oil off of engines, frames, and surrounding parts, no mess fluid changes.
  • Easily Drain Hard-to-reach Oil Filters Without A Mess- A simple, yet helpful tool for transferring liquids/dry ingredients from containers to bottles while keeping the counter free from spills.
  • Wide Range of Application- In addition to draining and filling fluids, Flexible Draining Tool can be used in a wide variety of applications including diverting water dripping from a pipe, filling bird feeders, and filling fertilizer containers. The potential uses are endless!
  • Foldable and Highly Compatible-  Simply wipe clean and store flat and roll it up to fit in any toolbox. Works in temperatures from -30F° to 425F°, highly compatible with common automotive fluids, just reshape and reuse it over and over.


  • Materials: Rubber + Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: 50 × 20 CM


  • 1 x Flexible Draining Tool
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    Scott P.
    Just what I expected!

    I work as a mechanic, if you have ever changed oil many manufacturers they have the oil filter in either a hard to reach place or above the frame or in some other spot that gets oils all over the underside of the car. This eliminates that issue. Just bend, place, and let the oil drain to the oil caddy. It’s made my job 100 times easier not having to try to clean up everywhere or putting a plastic bag down.

    Gregorio D.
    Useful product!

    I got this tool to do oil changes on my 2015 Suzuki GSX-S 750Z. The problem in my case is that the oil filter sits directly above the exhaust pipes so a typical oil change will leave a lot of oil burnoff for later. With the Form-A-Funnel I simply draped it over the exhaust pipes and let the oil pour down, over the funnel and pipes and into the oil bin. Problem solved! It's easy to shape and re-form and cleans easily.

    This is what I was looking for!

    I ordered this product to help my husband when he changes the oil in his motorcycle. He Ioves it & has commented on it several times. He said he would usually have a large puddle of oil to clean up due to the the drain placement on the bike.

    Jamille D.
    Love this product!

    I've only used it once, but it made changing the oil in my generator so much easier. The only way to drain the oil out of that thing makes oil go everywhere, unless you can hold a 300 lb generator in the air while you unscrew the drain plug. Simply formed this funnel under the drain plug and angled it toward the drain pan. My only complaint is that I didn't get a bigger size. This one is a tad small, but made really well.

    Oliver A.
    Buy this!

    Outstanding product!! Oil changes on my Kubota were quite messy until this simple, perfect, almost magical item arrived. No drips, no spills and very easy to clean afterwards. A quick wipe down and back in the package awaiting until next time. Genius!

    Trevor O.
    Great product!

    They are great for those tight areas and odd angles when draining fluids from equipment. That being said I needed something smaller for small equipment and this fit the bill perfectly.