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HappyPet™ Pet Ear Drops

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Save money on expensive vet visits with the all-natural pet ear cleaner!

This safe and all-natural HappyPet™ Pet Ear Drops for your pets is the best solution for relieving irritation and pain! It also offers anti-inflammatory properties keeping your dogs’ and cats’ ears clean and safe from any infections. Keep your cute pets from having stinky ears due to wax, dust, and bacteria resulting in unending removal of dirt from your pets’ ears. Apply 3-5 drops on each ear every 3-5 days and massage gently. Safe to use, pain-free and has no side effects on your pet's well-being.

  • CLEANER PET EARS. This pet ear drops successfully eliminates odor, removes inhibit bacteria build-up and relieves itching that also leads to a cleaner ear canal. 
  • ALL-NATURAL. This product is mild in nature and can be used as daily cleaning care for dogs, cats, and other pet ear canals. 
  • HELP PREVENT DISEASES. It helps in the prevention of ear diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms and abnormal secretions of the ear. 
  • HEALTHY BENEFITS. It comes with relieving itching, antibacterial, removes odor in the ear, removes ear mites and ear wax. 
  • EXTRA FEATURES. The ear drops can also be used for acute and chronic otitis externa and otitis media caused by bacteria, fungi and cochlea worms. 


  • Drop into the ear wash: drop 3-5 drops into the ear canal. 
  • Gently massage: massage the roots of the ears, waiting for the pet to pick up the foreign body. 
  • Cotton swab cleaning: Using the cotton swabs to clean residual foreign bodies. 


  • Application: All types of dogs, cats. 
  • Character: colorless to a yellowish clear liquid. 
  • Main ingredients: salicylic acid, boric acid, lactic acid ester, peppermint oil plant in addition to aphid fungicide. 


  • 1 x HappyPet™ Pet Ear Drops