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Heated Car Seat Warming Cushion


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Say hello to warm and comfy drives!

Don’t let the cold get in the way of your comfort and that of your passengers and get yourself the Heated Car Seat Warming Cushion. It attaches on to any car seat and effectively warms it up and adds cushioning making your car rides exponentially better during winter.

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  • INCREASES COMFORT LEVEL. Long drives can take their toll on your back and rear end if the proper amount of cushioning is not present. With this warmer, you’ll certainly get that added level of comfort needed as it’s made of soft cushioning materials.
  • GETS RID OF COLD. Your car’s heater sometimes won’t be enough to keep you warm when driving in freezing conditions. Fortunately, with this, all of your problems shall go away as it's guaranteed to effectively warm you up to the core.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY. The designers of this warmer made sure that you won't have any compatibility issues with it your vehicle. Consequently, you don’t have to think about it not being suitable for you before getting it.
  • EASY TO INSTALL. It takes just a mere 15 seconds for this heating cushion to slap on to your car seat and be ready for you. As such, it won’t take too much of your time. 


  • Color: Black, Red, Beige, Grey
  • Material: Metal, Cotton, Plush
  • Power supply: suitable for 12v car, 12V car battery
  • Maximum power consumption: 36W±3W
  • Minimum power consumption: 22W±3W Fuse: 7A Power cord (approximately. ):115cm

PACKAGE INCLUDES (Choose Your Package)

  • 2 x pieces of Two-Seater Heated Car Seat Warming Cushion or;
  • 1 x piece of Single-Seater Heated Car Seat Warming Cushion or;
  • 1 x pieces of Heated Car Seat Warming Cushion Pad