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Ice Cold Towel


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Ice Cold Towel Instant Heat Relief And Reusable Chill Towel!


Ice Cold Towel is a new fabric, which has been widely used in sports, healthcare, etc in the USA. It is made by hi-tech cooling fabric material that is both environmental and safe, for keeping cooling and anti-heatstroke. Ice Cold Towel will not only increase the comfortableness and safety during the activity but also help to keep the body temperature of the athletes and to recover the athletes' energies.

Ice Cold Towel is a high-tech cooling fabric with high strength water absorption, it can absorb the moisture more than twice the weight of itself and super sweat capacity. Ice Cold Towel has high-quality cooling fabric with high-efficiency air permeability, fiber internal water circulation, accelerate surface water evaporation, take away the heat. Ice Cold Towel is ultra-light fabric, lessen the burden, physical cooling, safe and healthy.

Ice Cold Towel stays chilled for up to 3 hours (depending on conditions). Cooling towel is perfect for people suffering from side effects of heat stress, hot flashes, and patients who need cold therapy after operations, surgeries. The super absorbent fiber weave technology of the mesh towel regulates the water inside and ensures water retention.

Ice Cold Towel is perfect for athletes, runners, sports fans into workout, gym, and fitness. Its super absorption ability you can also use it as a yoga towel, fitness towel, sports towel, gym towel, or golf towel. Ice Cold Towel is silky soft, pliable, easily folds up. These lightweight towels used for absorbing water and absorb sweat, let you stay dry when the high intensity of exercise, achieve SPF 50 SPF.

1. Simply "wet it", "wing it" and "snap it"
2. When the towel is wet, it will be extremely cooler than the outside air, thereby providing a cooling effect
3. When it starts to dry out after using, simply re-wet, re-wing, and snap it.
4. Wet it with ice water to further enhance the cooling effect.

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    Gary V.
    Nice product!

    Wonderful cooling towel that keeps on working after a quick dip in water and snap

    Dan L.
    So far, so good!

    They work really well-- I work eight hours a day in a hot environment and the heat was so bad that, even keeping hydrated

    Gee D.
    This is exactly what I want!

    I find that well worth it for the cooling it provides. I read that these usually last about four hours before needing "refilled" and I'd say that estimate is on the low side; I work in a pretty dry place and they still seem to last at least 5 before getting dry.

    Gloria B.
    I am very pleased!

    So I have used a couple different brands of cooling towels and did not expect much from this one. My boyfriend, dad and myself play pickleball in 90+ degree weather in the summer, tournaments with games that can last a long time. I purchased this in anticipation of this past weekend's tournament, where the weather felt like Florida, again, not expecting much more than a towel that would dry out quickly and not stay cold. I only bought one thinking this. After the first day, I purchased two more for my dad and boyfriend!! They were so jealous of how cool my towel stayed compared to theirs! This thing was SERIOUSLY a lifesaver. It stayed cool for hours off of one soaking in the cold water in the cooler. AMAZING. If you're looking for instant cooling relief, don't get those other towels. This is the one you want.

    Charms L.
    Heat saver!

    This towel saved me in the high heat of Southern Thailand.

    Jai H.

    This thing works, trust me. I play tennis in the a.m. in South Carolina and it is hot. Like 105 heat index in the afternoon. I bring this with me to the court, after I've soaked it in the sink with ice cubes, wring it out gently, fold it and put it back into it's sleeve. I hang it around my neck during play time, and it doesn't fall off, just hangs low enough to stay on. My teammates, if they are lucky, get a sample of what it's like and they are all buying one! I hang it on a hanger when I get home, it dries stiff, but when I soak it again, it's perfect. Highly recommend this invention.