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Infrared Thermometer

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Instant and precise temperature control!

ThermoHealth Infrared Thermometer will signal an abnormal body temperature with sounds and lights and will help you prevent serious damage in less than 1 second.

Non-Contact Wall-Mounted Infrared Thermometer with LCD Display for Offices, Factories, Shops, Schools, Restaurants, Rail Station Entrances

Company screening is essential to keep your workspace or facility clean and free from illness. Peace of mind for those who work inside. The ThermoHealth Infrared Thermometer works effortlessly without the need of anyone to operate it. Instant and precise temperature control is what ThermoHealth Infrared Thermometer offers.


  • Company security
  • Peace of mind for those who work inside
  • You don't need anyone to operate
  • Instant and precise temperature control
  • Free 365 Days Warranty

Over 3,000 Customers In The United States Have Already Began Using ThermoHealth Infrared Thermometer To Lower The Contamination Of Viruses.ThermoHealth.gif

    Why Choose ThermoHealth Infrared Thermometer? 

    • No Contact: Avoid Cross-Infection.
    • Automation: ThermoHealth™ will do everything automatically.
    • Instant temperature reading: Thanks to the newest technology. It guarantees an induction time of 500mms (50 people per minute).  Simply scan your forehead or wrist and in less than one second you’ll have your temperature.
    • Measurement Accuracy: absolute error ± 0.2 degrees.
    • Alert System: Automatic flashing light alarm + sound for abnormal temperature.
    • Multiple Power Options: Insert 18650 batteries for control without a fixed power supply or use the USB cord included.
    • High Definition Digital Display: Visible up to 5 meters away.
    • Mount Option: You have the ability to mount to the wall with double-sided tape or with bracket. You  also have the option secure it onto a camera tripod
    • Uses: at home \ church \ office \ work \ metro \ shop \ community etc ... CE - FCC - ROHS CERTIFICATION


    • 1 Infrared Wall Thermometer
    • 1 USB Power Cable
    • 2 Special screws with plugs to hang ThermoHealth™
    • 3 Bioadhesive strips to hang it on smooth surfaces
    • 1 Instruction Manual

    Customer Reviews
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      Irma L.
      Works great! Quick, easy and no contact

      We now have several of them at our different locations and they all work great! We are buying more since they work well and are easy to maintain. They are great that they can be either wall mounted or be put on a tripod. These are great to have since we have hundreds of people coming into our locations 7 days a week.

      Grace M.
      Went with the product with the best reviews

      Many infrared freestanding thermometers are listed on Amazon, but many have few or no reviews. That's what made us trust this one. It came in, easy enough to install. You poke a thin stick through the back to get it to change from C to F. No one in the office has had a high temperature yet, so I can't speak for the loud alarm people have reported to happen. We set it up not too far from the main door, and placed a sign asking for everyone to take their temperature before moving further in. Simple and to the point. It was slightly confusing to whether there was a battery included - there is not - but this comes with a coord to plug in so it's feeding the machine energy. No battery necessary if you're fine with constantly having it plugged in.

      Gail G.
      Wall-Mounted Infrared THERM0METER - Perfect for high volume building entry

      As President of a Nursing College, we scan every student coming into our building - many whom are coming from high infection locations. The wall mounted thermometer allows us to accurately assess student temperatures in a quick and precise manner. Plus, we mounted it to a stand, so now we can move it to needed locations. Would definitely purchase again.

      Riely A.
      Good Product!

      I ordered two to be wall-mounted at each main entrance to a building. They are extremely lightweight and easy to hang. The unit comes with command strip stickers, but a small nail would work too. They do not have to stay plugged-in, but it's probably ideal to have them hung near a USB receptacle. This item does not come with a regular 2-3 prong male plug (American.) It must be plugged-into a USB port to charge. The temperature read seems accurate-enough, but keep in mind that the outside temperature, if near a door, and the temperature of the room can affect this number. I would recommend this product.

      Cory U.
      works good

      works great easy to use. Uses odd size battery. I bought rechargeable batteries and charged them with a battery pack so It can be moved around.

      Michael H.
      Useful product!

      I was skeptical at first but it ended being a useful item. We use this at the salon to do temperature check for all clients. It’s less touching and also less sanitizing. Bought an iPad holder so it doesn’t take much space. Thanks.