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Instant Car De-Icing Spray

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No more scraping when your car gets frozen!

Since you can’t avoid catching snow and having them all over your car and it will not be safe driving with them, it is very important that you have an effective de-icing formula, and so we introduce you to the Instant Car De-Icing Spray.

The Instant Car De-Icing Spray is formulated to give an instant removal of ice that coats your car during the winter. It is a strong formula against ice formation that will not require to do chipping and scraping, all you gotta do is just wipe away the melted ice seconds after spraying. It is very safe for your car’s paint and overall finish so there is no need to have second thoughts of having this handy.


  • TIME-SAVING. It cuts down on the time to chip away ice on your windshield by doing most of the work for you.
  • NO MORE SCRAPING. It does not require chipping or scraping after spraying, you just have to wipe away the melted ice.
  • PREVENTS RE-FREEZING. Not only a de-icer but also a great coating to prevent your car from freezing again.
  • EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE. It removes thick, icy buildup in just seconds after spraying.

  • SAFE TO USE. It is harmless to your car’s paint and overall finish.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE. Can be used on all part on your car like windshield, car surfaces, windows, mirror, etc.


  • Spray the deicer on the frosty glass.
  • Wait a few minutes for the ice to melt.
  • Wipe the glass clean with a dry towel or flannel.


  • Color: White
  • Size: 16cm X 4.7cm
  • Weight: 100mL


  • 1 x bottle Instant Car De-Icing Spray