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Lavender Detox Foot Patches (set of 10)


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Feel the comfort and well-being of detox in your body!

A technique that has been used and discovered by ancient Eastern Medicine, the Lavender Detox Foot Patchesuses the same technique that is still relevant and effective today. It is believed that common ailments stem from the feet and with this what we call today a Reflexology, this foot pads stimulates the feet that can help cleanse the body, improves blood circulation and soothe the nerves. It also removes blockages in the feet, providing positive energy that freely flows throughout the body.

  • GREAT BENEFITS. The premium quality of this cleansing foot pads contains over 200 organic ingredients which activate skin cells and boost blood circulation. These organic foot pads are great for toxin removal, ache and stress relief.
  • IMPROVES HEALTH. Relieve stress and body tension, improve overall wellness, promote better and deeper sleep, improved blood circulation and superior organ function. A proven, safe, and economical method of wellness!
  • HASSLE-FREE HEALING. Simply peel and stick. Enhanced sticking performance keeps the pads firmly in place. Use before sleeping and keep attached for 6-8 hours.
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS. These adhesive foot pads are chemical free, and naturally, release toxins from your body through your feet. We use the finest ingredients without the use of chemicals, additives or fillers, the pads are all natural and no GMO.


  • Ingredients: Bamboo Vinegar, conchiolin powder, platycodon grandillorum extract, lavandula angustifolia extract, polygonum multiflorum stem extract, Artemisia argyi leaf extract, tourmaline, ascorbic acid, and mineral salts.
  • Applicable Skin: Any type
  • Size: 125*100*33mm
  • Package :10pcs medicine bags +10pcs foot adhesive tape


  • 1 x Lavender Detox Foot Patches