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Pet Ear Powder

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Stop Your Fluffy Babies From Scratching Their Ears With This Pet Ear Powder!

It’s sad to see our fur babies suffer from itchy ears. We all know that the ears are the most sensitive parts of them. Most bacteria hide in the ears, and the area easily gets wounded.

Help your fluffy babies in your own way. Let wellness start from their ears with this Pet Ear Powder. Because a healthy pet is also a happy pet! 


  • Heals irritated itchy ears and stops bacteria from multiplying
  • Kills most of the ticks and bacteria hiding inside your pet's ears
  • Formulated to easily remove ear hair, your pets won’t even notice you plucking them
  • Keeps ears clean and dry. You don’t need to clean your pet’s ears every day
  • Easy to use. The pointed tip directly sprays to your desired area
  • Safe for any type of pet - dogs, cats, rabbits...even for puppies and kittens


  • Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Silicon Dioxide, Methyl Salicylate, Rosin, Bentonite
  • Net Weight: 50g


  • 1 x Pet Ear Powder

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    John W.
    Makes it so easy!

    My Goldendoodle is almost 6 months old. I’ve tried plucking her ear hair before with different products. As you can see, those other products weren’t so great and I could never get her ear hair taken care of until today when I finally got this product. Makes gripping and plucking the hair so easy.

    Tracy C.
    Works great!

    Very easy to use, don't need very much at all so the price is worth it since it will last a long time. The smell is good and does exactly what it says it will do. I have a 4-month-old poodle who doesn't like to have his ears cleaned so when I get to get in there I need the product to work good and fast. It makes it very easy to grab the hair. I will definitely buy this again.

    Jenna O.
    Makes it easy to remove fine hairs

    My dog has "hair" instead of fur (Morkie) so I have to pluck her ear hair or they just grow and grow forever. Sometimes her inner ear hairs inside the canal get really long and make her itch. I remove them with forceps but they are extremely fine so hard to see sometimes. This made them very easy to see and made removing them much faster than before. I'm happy with this product

    Kensie R.
    Essential grooming tool!

    Makes pulling ear hair out of our Standard poodle very easy. We were stressing about this detail of grooming until we got this ear powder.

    Stone P.
    Great product.

    This product works great. I have a standard male poodle and unfortunately he hates me messing with his ears and it is a life time deal that he has to have the hair pulled out of his ears. This product is awesome. I pour some on my hand, and put some on my finger and rub it in his ear. Immediately the hair is stiff and easily pulls out. We do this 2 to 3 times a week to make it comfortable for him. I recommend this prouduct.

    James G.
    Keeps my dogs ears perfect now.

    Works great!