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Stretch Marks and Scar Removal Silicone Sheets

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A New And Easy Way To Remove Your Scars And Insecurities!

You have carried those scars for long but now it is time to erase them forever! With Stretch Marks and Scar Removal Silicone Sheets, you will never have to see your scars or stretch marks again. It is time to get rid of them and wear the bikini you wanted for a long time without feeling bad about your skin!

The sheets are made with a therapeutic silicone gel acts to hydrate the scar tissues, which in turn works to soften the scar, reducing excessive scar formation, and causing it to fade.

Suitable for hypertrophic scars; pregnancy stretch marks; acne scars; keloid scars; sunken scars. Also suitable for other scars caused by surgery, burns, dermatitis, cosmetics, erosion of the skin due to infection or chemicals, frost and dryness.


  • It helps to prevent the formation of new scars.
  • Significantly improves the appearance of existing scars.
  • It flattens, softens, and fades new and old scars.
  • Clinically Proven Safe and Effectively Reduces Scars. 
  • Comfortable and Flexible, ultra-thin fabric that breathes for optimal comfort.
  • Washable, Reusable, and Durable. It can be washed and reused for 3~4 weeks. Also, it can be cut to fit any scar.


  • It can not be placed on wounds that have not yet healed.
  • 4 hours per day for the first 2 days, 8 hours per day for the following 2 days, after which add 2 hours per day until you reach 24 hours per day.
  • A full treatment consists of 2 months, in order to ensure efficacy, it is recommended to buy at least 3 patches.
  • If you need to attach the patches on joints or other movable positions, you can use bandages or medical tape to help it stay in place.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 3.5cm(Width) x 12cm(Length) x 2mm(Thickness)


  • 1pc x Silicone Scar Removal Patch
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    Judie C.
    Easy to use!

    Please be aware of the instructions, after this its very easy. Since I've just started using it cant really tell the difference, I took a picture of my Breast Implants post 8month incision, cause thats when I decided to do something about the scar. And will show the 1 month results of using it. Since I use this under my bra, it's really hard to fell it and when I come home is when I take it off, so its PERFECT for my case.

    Adie K.
    Sticks well

    I’ve now used these sheets for over 2 weeks and have seen a lot of improvement in the scar I’m treating. It has flattened greatly already and I hope it merges better (in color and size) with the surrounding normal skin soon. I’m only on the 2nd half of the first strip- they stick very well! I take it off for a shower each day, rinse and stick it back afterwards and it stays put! I've just started to use this product on a scar on my back and it's too early right now- this review will be updated, but it's very easy to use. Cut to size, peel and stick!

    Natalia L.
    Aroamas, Silicone Scar Removal Sheets - for Keloid

    Aroamas, Silicone Scar Removal Sheets - for Keloid - IT delivered very fast . I started to try this product and I hope it would be very effective. while I purchase I read many reviews and all customers were satisfied.

    Kelly R.
    These REALLY stick...and for multiple, multiple times.

    This is an old scar so I'm not expecting miracles, BUT I have been using these on my forehead and under eyes at night in replacement of my silicone wrinkle pads. They stay put for way longer and don't come off at night and you can use them for 2 weeks at a time - unlike most pads that last maybe a few days before losing stickiness. I've had these for a month and they still stick - and you can use your creams and serums under them. They're great all around!

    Diane W.
    Miracle strips!

    Finally got cleared to wear these strips and I’m sooooooo excited to see the results. I have to wear them to ensure my skin doesn’t keloid and I’m super excited to see if it minimizes my scar which is almost 8 inches. I’ll update this once I’m done with them. 2 month update: They work! They stopped my skin from keloiding because as you see I was on my way to keloid skin. My scar is flat and flush, smooth and looks amazing! These are life changing.

    Molly C.
    Scar removal made easy

    Thank you for making scar removal easy and convenient.This scar removal sheet is great. It works better than some ointments and creams. The sheet functions like a bandage and protects the scar part, and doesn’t run like ointments. It stays all day so it’s doing its work all day and I don’t feel pulled or anything by the sheet. The scar skin gets softer and less discolored over time. I really like the way this product works