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Universal Camera Lens Cap


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Protect your camera lens from dents and scratches!

Now you can get dirty but your lens won’t. Prevent dirt, water, mud and dust from infiltrating your lens and assure extra protection with its airtight fit (fits most camera lens). This lens protector stretches up from 60mm to 120mm which can also be a great front and rear lens cover for ultimate assurance. It can also be a great shock absorber, especially when bumping or banging your lens accidentally providing protection from any possible lens damage. When it’s on, it stays on and gives the best protection you need for your camera lenses. A must-have for all professional and aspiring photographers!

  • FULL PROTECTION. This cap is waterproof, dust-proof and shock-absorbent. Never worry about damaging your lens with this protector on.
  • CONVENIENT. Very easy to install, disassemble and carry around, as it can be placed in a narrow space.
  • ELEMENT PROOF. Get yourself dirty but your lens won't. This Universal Camera Lens Cap prevents water, mud, and the finest dust and sand.
  • FITS 99% OF LENSES. It stretches from 60mm to 120mm and can be used as both a front and rear lens cap for ultimate insurance; Stack multiple caps on top of each other for extra protection; Can withstands years of heavy use.
  • SHOCK ABSORBENT. Smacking, bumping or banging your lens is no longer a concern; This universal lens protector absorbs the most blunt-force trauma that could occur to both the front and exterior sides of the lens
  • PORTABLE. The Original ULC can be conveniently compressed to fit in pockets, wallets, socks, underneath armpits, you name it


  • Material: Silicon 
  • Color: Black 
  • Size: Approx.62x51mm 
  • Application: Universal (fits most camera lens)+All DSRL camera


  • 1 x Universal Camera Lens Cap